Penis kit - Make Your Own Dildo

Do it yourself dildo molding kit. Make an exact silicone copy of any penis AND BALLS from home! Medically tested, odorless, body-safe, simple molding process.

About Us

The brainchild of Dr. David Claus, an expert in the field of silicone, in 1996 he began as a manufacturing state-of-the art, highly customized materials intended for medical and prosthetic use. The methods and materials were unique, and their reputation as safe, high-quality, simple to use molding and casting compounds began to grow.

It wasn′t long before Hollywood found Dr. Claus and struck a deal with him.  His materials were perfect for easily and inexpensively creating incredibly life-like props and highly detailed body part castings. The materials were especially effective in horror flicks and special effects scenes. In 1997 a production company requested some realistic penis replicas of varying shapes and sizes for an independent film. With a few small tweaks, Dr. Claus turned his existing orthotic casting kit into a dildo making kit, called the "Make Your Own Dildo Kit". in 2001 Dr. Claus joined with adult industry marketing expert Joe Hanson to form Empire Labs.  They combined forces to introduce the molding process at the time that was only available to rock & porn stars, to the general public, in an easy as safe Do-I-t-Yourself home molding kit.

The Make Your Own Dildo kit provides a simple, safe, all-inclusive method for creating an exact rubber duplicate of any penis & balls. The quality is amazing, down to the most intricate detail, and the process can be done entirely within the home and without the need for complicated mixing or heating.