Penis kit - Make Your Own Dildo

Do it yourself dildo molding kit. Make an exact silicone copy of any penis AND BALLS from home! Medically tested, odorless, body-safe, simple molding process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my order shipped discreetly?

Yes. Your kit will be shipped in a plain box with a return address of Empire Labs Inc.- completely discreet with absolutely no hint of what's inside.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes. International shipments go out every day. We can ship to almost any address in the world.

Do you ship to Military Addresses?

Yes. If you need help filling out the Shipping form, please see our shipping policy.

How will my credit card charge appear on my statement?

Your credit card charge will appear only as 'Empire Labs, Inc".

How long will it take to receive my order?

Delivery time is 1 to 3 weeks from the date the order is processed. RUSH SHIPPING delivery time is 2-3 business days from the date your order is processed.

What materials are used in the process? Are they all completely safe?

Absolutely. The only material that comes in contact with your skin during the molding process is a molding powder derived from seaweed. Your finished dildo is created from a body safe, platinum cure silicone - the gold standard of sex toys.  The exact same material is currently being used on your favorite movie stars in Hollywood to create incredibly lifelike masks & special effects. Your finished copy will be non porous, completely washable, and it's low viscosity allows for incredible detail. Perhaps even more importantly, it WILL NOT SHRINK at all when it cures!

How does the kit work?

The first step is to create a "negative" mold of your penis with the enclosed molding material and specially designed container. You then fill that mold with 'liquid rubber'; a totally safe material that's designed to look just like real skin! Let it cure to reveal your very own professional grade dildo of yourself.

How big of a penis can be made with the kit?

The kit is designed to make a perfect copy of any penis and balls. This exact kit has been used by numerous adult film stars. Straight or crooked, long or short, thick or thin, the kit will perfectly copy most anyone.

What if my penis is crooked?

No Problem. The directions contain a simple additional step to accommodate any 'curve'.

What if my penis is pierced?

Again No Problem. We do recommend removing your piercing before making the mold.

What if my penis is not circumcised?

No Problem. You'll still get a perfect copy of yourself. Whatever you put into the molding gel is exactly what you'll get out!

How much detail can I expect from my replica?

Your replica will be INCREDIBLY DETAILED! All tiny lines and bumps will reproduce perfectly.

Will I have to shave my pubic hair to make the mold?

No. Typically hair is not a problem. If your pubic hair is excessively long, you may want to rub in a dab of petroleum jelly or other lubricant before molding.

Is the molding process messy?

It can be. For easy clean up, create your mold over a non-carpeted floor or lay down some newspaper first. If any molding gel is spilled on a hard surface it will easily clean up with water. A spill on carpet is equally easy to clean when wet, but once dry it will require re-saturating the area with water and picking out the gel by hand.

How long will my finished dildo last?

Your replica will probably outlast YOU!

Will I be placed on a mailing list?

NO! Your name and address will remain strictly confidential.

Can I mold my penis fully erect?

Yes. Just insert your erect penis into the molding container and HOLD for approx. 60-90 seconds. Use of a penis pump or penis ring can assist you in getting the biggest and best possible mold.

While making the mold, will I have to wait until my penis gets 'soft' again before I can remove it?

No. The impression-forming gel is extremely flexible, allowing you to pull out your penis immediately without affecting your mold.